Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Grandpa runs over 11-year-old's head with truck

An 11-year-old boy had a lingering headache two days after a pickup truck ran over his head. "All I remember about it was that when the truck ran over my head, I could hear my bones crack," Cameron Schuette said Tuesday.

Cameron, a 5th-grader and his 13-year-old brother Tyler were helping their grandfather chop and load wood on Sunday. The boys were sitting on the tailgate of their grandfather's truck when he began backing down his gravel driveway and Cameron either fell or jumped off.

Ron Shurley said he at first thought he ran over a piece of wood until he got out of the truck and saw Cameron lying face down in the gravel. Then he stood up and ran into the house, Shurley said.

After spotting blood running out of the boy's ear, Shurley drove him to the hospital. Cameron was then transferred to another hospital, where tests revealed he had a slight hairline skull fracture. He also had roadrash on his neck and face, a black eye and a laceration on his ear canal.

He was released from the hospital Tuesday, suffering a stiff neck and a headache.

Holy crap grandpa!?! Let’s try physically turning around and watching the kids hanging off the truck next time you are backing up? Huh? I mean, I know it was an accident- but this could have ended really bad. The bright side is he’ll have an excuse he can leverage when he gets older… “Yeah, I’m not that smart because my head was run-over by a pick-up truck when I was a kid.” Article here.


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