Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Arcade game lets you 'claw' for live lobsters

A company in Maine has created a game in which people can plunk down two dollars for the chance to catch a live lobster from a tank.
It's called the Love Maine Lobster Claw Game and is similar to machines where people put in coins in hopes of grabbing a stuffed animal with remote-control claws.

In addition to Maine, the president of Maine Ecological Habitats says the machines can be found in restaurants and bars in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Animal rights activists are not amused. Karin Robertson of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals says it's cruel to use lobsters as an amusement before cooking them.

Hmm… not sure where I stand 'morally'. I mean, you do have to admit- this borderline animal cruelty. However, every single person who looks at this thing would probably want to see someone actually use it once (if not do it themselves). The company websites suggest venders can ‘be an entertainment piece, a platform to sell lobsters out of (by the pound) for a convenience store.’ Nevertheless, interesting. Click here to read more information about this thing.


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