Wednesday, April 12, 2006

World's most expensive sandwich?

Feeling hungry? Feel like splurging? There's a new gourmet sandwich that could eat a hole through your wallet.

The sandwich is on sale in London. It is, for now, the most expensive sandwich in the world. You can get it if you fork over £85, that's $140.

Among the ingredients: Wagyu beef, the most expensive meat on the planet; Brie de Meaux, the finest cheese in Europe; fresh duck foia gras; black truffle mayonnaise; roquet leaf; British plum tomatoes; red peppers; mustard confit; and sour dough bread.

The managers say they've found a market for the item because they have customers with a taste for "all things gourmet" and one or two office-based customers who wanted to buy something extra special for a colleague.

Personally… I’d eat off the dollar menus before I’d even consider buying this sandwich. Article here.


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