Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Guy threw kids off balcony in front of wife

A vacationing doctor tossed his 4- and 8-year-old sons off a 15th-floor balcony of their Miami Beach hotel Saturday morning and then leapt to his own death as his wife looked on.

Qinuo Van Dyk was startled by her son's scream about 8:30 a.m. Saturday and looked over to see Edward Van Dyk plunge to a 3rd-floor mezzanine, said Officer Bobby Hernandez, spokesman for the Miami Beach Police Department. She looked over the balcony and saw all three died in the fall.

"It's so horrific; it's almost unbelievable," Hernandez said.

The Van Dyks were vacationing from their home in Alton, Ill. Edward Van Dyk, a a practicing oncologist, was celebrating his 10th anniversary with his wife, a former doctor who home-schooled their children.

Hernandez said the couple had marital problems in the past six months, "but nothing that would indicate he would commit such a horrible act." Investigators scoured the three bodies for clues that could give them insight into what caused Edward Van Dyk to snap, Hernandez said. He said the medical examiner will determine an exact cause of death for each person.

Hernandez said that detectives found no evidence in the room of a struggle or alcohol or drug use. Guests in adjacent rooms said they didn't hear anything coming from the family's room until Qinuo Van Dyk started screaming. Article here.


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