Wednesday, April 25, 2007

ABC News really ran this story, 'Is Your Husband Gay?'

George, a 49-year-old market researcher, has been married for 28 years. He and his wife are proud of their two daughters. But his wife doesn't know that he's gay.

Although he told his wife before their marriage that he was sometimes attracted to men, he never acted on those feelings until five years ago. And though he's had occasional flings since then, he has no plans to tell his wife about his secret life or to end his marriage.

Gays married to straight spouses — such as George and McGreevey — are not an isolated phenomena.

Along with other high-profile examples such as evangelist leader Ted Haggard and former Congressman Mike Huffington, there are an estimated 2 million to 4 million gay people who are or have been married to straight spouses. Full article here.



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