Thursday, April 26, 2007

America isn't really that great at having sex

How does America rank sexually? Not high according to a global sex survey conducted by Durex condoms. In a country that's practically made porn a national pastime, and where releasing a highly embarrassing, "stolen" sex tape is the key to fame and fortune, the U.S. came in a dismal 23 out of 26 countries - beating out only Japan, Hong Kong and Nigeria.

On average we have sex just 85 times per year, way lower than the global average of 103 times. And when we do, we average 18 minutes per session. Not surprisingly, less than half of Americans (48%) are satisfied with their sex lives. via

• The least sexually satisfied people in the world are those in the Asia Pacific at 35%

• The most satisfied? Africans at 66%.

People having the most sex - Greeks at 164 times per year, followed by Brazilians at 145 times.

Africans spend the most time per session at 24 minutes, and Western Europeans spend the least time, 17 minutes.

• The age group most likely to achieve orgasm comes in at those aged 65 and over. Which is why grandma is always smiling.



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