Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dude is about to attend his 10th prom in 5 years

Talk about being king of the prom: Dwayne D. Price, a 2005 Michigan High School graduate, will attend his 10th prom this spring.

"I've been asked (to go) by people I went to school with, by people I've just conversed with and hung out with, and by people I've worked with,'' said Price, 20.

In spring 2005 alone, he said he went to three proms: "It was hectic — I was going to one prom, then turning around and getting ready for my next one a few days later.'' Price has attended proms at four different high schools.
"I think that the reason I'm always getting asked out is that I'm always willing to go ...on top of that, I'm adorable,'' he said.

"I believe that I've spent close to $500 on each one, so I've probably spent close to $5,000,'' he said. "I don't complain much about the money, because it's always fun.

"I pay for everything basically except her dress. I pay for the transportation, for the dinner, for the tickets and usually for the pictures.'' Read the full article here.

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