Monday, June 18, 2007

Chick fight over $500 lottery ticket

Some lottery winners seem cursed with bad luck after collecting the jackpot. One woman's luck turned bad almost as soon as she scratched the ticket.

Patsy Jean Harris paid $20 dollars for a Million Dollar Monopoly scratch-off ticket Tuesday at a Pasco County gas station. She stepped outside to check the numbers and discovered she had won $500.

She immediately went back inside the store to collect her winnings. While the clerk was counting out the cash, authorities say another woman came up behind Harris and stole the ticket out of her hand.

Harris grappled with the woman, and the fight spilled out into the parking lot where a second woman started punching the lottery winner. Both women fled the scene, one still holding the lottery ticket. They were later charged with strong-arm robbery. It's not clear if Harris got her ticket back and finally collected the $500. » Article here



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