Friday, June 15, 2007

Sleeping on the weekend hurts grades in school

Many teens love sleeping in on weekends but their report cards may suffer, new research suggests.

Saturday morning snoozers were more likely to do poorly in school than teens who kept more regular sleep habits, concludes a U.S. study.

"When teenagers stay up late and sleep in over the weekend, this behavior resets their (internal) daily clock to a later time," study author Stephanie J. Crowley, of Brown University in East Providence, R.I., explained in a prepared statement. "This resetting can push back the brain's cue to be awake on Monday morning for school. As a result, teens may feel worse and have poor performance in school at the beginning of the week. Essentially, teenagers may be giving themselves jet lag over the weekend even without getting on a plane."

She noted that many high school students don't get enough sleep during the school week and try to catch up on their sleep on weekends. In this study, Crowley examined circadian phase, sleep quality and morning vigilance before and after simulating this weekend sleep pattern in volunteers. » Article here



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