Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bill Murray pulled over for drunk driving... in a golf cart.

Bill Murray was spotted driving a golf cart through downtown Stockholm drunk. Officers noticed that Murray smelled of alcohol and asked him to take a breath test, which the actor refused, citing U.S. law. He submitted to a blood test instead, the results of which will take 14 days to come back, police said.

Murray also signed a document acknowledging he had been operating the cart under the influence and agreed to let a police officer plead guilty for him should the case go to trial. If charged, the 56-year-old SNL alum will likely face fines, though a very high alcohol level could lead to jail time, police said.

Murray was in Stockholm attending the Scandinavian Masters golf tournament. The golf cart in which he was apprehended had been on display in front of the hotel where he and other VIPs attending the tournament were staying. The actor apparently commandeered the cart and drove it to the trendy Cafe Opera nightclub, less than a mile away from the hotel. He was on his way back when he was pulled over.

Though it is not illegal to drive a golf cart in downtown Stockholm, it's certainly not an accepted practice.

"I have done this since '68 and I've never experienced anything like this," Detective-Inspector Christer Holmlund of the Stockholm police said. » Article here

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