Monday, March 31, 2008

My weekend trip to Tybee Island, GA -- posts will resume tomorrow.

Greetings Across-the-Board readers! I just got back from a weekend wedding trip to wonderful Tybee Island in Georgia (near Savannah). The trip was a blast. Lots of crazy stories -- one of which includes a friend who slept on the beach overnight in boxers and a t-shit, because he locked himself out of his room. Hil-arious, I know.
Savannah GA Wedding '08 (17)
I ate nothing but seafood during my visit (which all tasted awesome) and the weather was perfect almost the entire trip. The reason why I say "almost perfect" is the wedding & reception was intended to take place on-the-beach. However, the weather turned bad literally right before the ceremony and the wedding planners didn't really have a "plan B" the wedding was in a parking garage. We all felt really bad for the bride and groom, but they seemed to have good attitudes about it.
Savannah GA Wedding '08 (21)
All-in-all, myself and the entire wedding attendees had one heck of a memorable weekend. I wish I had video blogged more of my trip, you can watch the few snippets I took in the video below. So you know, I had time to edit video from the trip on the plane ride home, but won't be able to update Across-the-Board till tomorrow (it's 1 AM, kinda sleepy).



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