Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New York woman, 44, drives 18 hours for sex with teen boy

An woman who drove roughly 18 hours to northwestern Wisconsin, allegedly in hopes of having a sexual tryst with a teenage boy she befriended online, remains jailed on attempted sex assault charges.

Tracy Taylor, 44, was in Circuit Court Monday morning. A judge set bail at $50,000 bail before Taylor was sent back to county jail pending another appearance next week.

Wisconsin authorities were tipped off to the planned sexual encounter by the teen's mother after the boy confided to his sister that he been corresponding online with a woman he believed to be 30 years old, according to a criminal complaint. The document says the boy, identified in the court document as "JJF," told his sister he planned to spend the weekend with the woman. The woman said she would bring condoms, according to the court papers.

As part of the investigation, the county sheriff's detective on the case reviewed text messages, including one from April 22 where the boy asked "Will we be able to have sex?" to which the woman allegedly replied: "I hope so. I love you."

Police obtained a search warrant. After Taylor checked into Room 103, police found condoms, candles, baby oil and bottles of alcoholic beverages. Additionally, they found a letter from the teen giving his age, said the criminal complaint.

Taylor and the boy had been chatting online for about three months before they started talking on the phone and via text messages, Hanson said. » Article here



At 4/30/2008 4:29 PM, Anonymous DS said...


now with pictures...

She'd probally drive 18 hours for sex with anyone.

At 4/30/2008 5:42 PM, Blogger secretz said...

Thanx for the pix.

But, jeez, hasn't this lady ever heard of going to a bar? Or calling up an escort service? Or for crying out loud, all she'd really need to do is find her local drug dealer to hook her up with some meth.

Underage and 18 hrs worth of driving is just beyond desperate. *shakes head*


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