Sunday, June 01, 2008

Teacher tapes student to chair instead of yelling

A teacher said in court that he taped a special ed student's arms and legs together and mouth shut to send a message "in a fun way." He added that "my other option would have been to yell at the students."

Mathew Konetski who admitted taping student's arms and legs together and mouth shut, trying send a message to the student "in a fun way."

"I was trying to get the point across to the boys that they needed to follow the instructions of the adults in charge," Konetski said. "It was not to scare them, to punish them or to make them feel uncomfortable." Konetski said he taped two boys after they acted up in gym class while roller-skating. One of the boys wouldn't obey orders to slow down and knocked over another girl, he said. After the boys failed to comply with a time out, Konetski said he decided to tape them.



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