Sunday, September 14, 2008

A call for help to Across-the-Board readers.

Hello Across-the-Board readers. As you've noticed the past few weeks -- for the first time since this blog was started, there has been a long period in which I've been unable to update ACB every weekday. To you loyal reader who've kept ACB in your bookmarks and RSS feed readers -- thank you.

It's at this point that I'm at a crossroads. I've been busy, there is no hiding the truth. However, I do not want to shut down Across-the-Board. I've just not had the time as I did before to dedicate my time here. I've also been spending time at

I've recieved suggestions in that allowing other contributers and authors to ACB would help sustain its life, since so many of you hate to see it go.

I like the idea.

If you would like to be considered a author and contributer to Across-the-Board, please write in the comments of this post or write an email to describing;

1.) Why would you like to help Across-the-Board?
2.) What, if any experience do you have in blogging? (show me examples)

3.) If you have traveled 4.8 miles in 24 minutes, what was your average speed, in miles per hour?



At 9/16/2008 9:19 PM, Blogger Girly girl said...

C'mon! I even have two kids!

At 9/22/2008 10:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

lost me.. I was a daily reader.. I think this is my last visit.. sorry Ramsey and thanks for the good times

At 9/22/2008 10:08 PM, Anonymous michael said...

this is less funded than No Child Left Behind.

At 9/23/2008 7:19 AM, Blogger Mad Cow said...

Hey, I replied via email. I'm sure lots of folks did.

At 9/24/2008 4:22 PM, Anonymous Nelson Alfredo said...

you could reduce your worktime e.g., just work 3 or 4 days a week and spend the rest of your time on blogging funny ass stuff on this blog. i miss it!

At 10/02/2008 10:43 PM, Anonymous Longtime ACBFreak said...

Well.... That's that then.

RIP Ramsey....

We will miss you.


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