Monday, April 02, 2007

Movie Review: Blades of Glory

So long as the shenanigans in Blades of Glory are taking place on the ice rink, the movie succeeds in evoking almost uninterrupted laughter, most critics agree. but, as Kevin Crust observes in his review in the Los Angeles Times, it "skates on thinner ice outside the rink." Wesley Morris in the Boston Globe writes similarly, "As long as it's near the ice, Blades of Glory ... sticks a lot of its landings." Like Meet the Robinsons, Blades of Glory also has garnered wildly opposite reviews. On the one hand, Joe Morgenstern in the Wall Street Journal calls it, "blissfully silly, triumphantly tasteless, and improbably hilarious."
Eleanor Ringel Gillespie in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution comments that it's "the sort of dumb-and-dumber comedy that keeps topping itself." Many suggest that the pairing of Will Ferrell with Jon Heder was nothing short of inspired. "Will Ferrell and Jon Heder execute their act wonderfully," writes Rafer Guzman in Newsday.On the other hand, Kyle Smith in the New York Post begins his review of the movie by writing: "You know those one-joke Saturday Night Live sketches that start to age after six minutes? Blades of Glory is one joke that lasts 93 minutes." (via IMDB)