Friday, December 30, 2005

Kid opens iPod box, all he got was meat? WTF?

It was not the Christmas surprise a Mililani mom had in mind. She saved up to buy an iPod for her son, but the gift ended up being a big disappointment.

Like any mom, Rachel Cambra couldn't wait to see the look on her son's face when he opened his Christmas present.

"When he saw this, he was very happy," says Cambra. "He said, 'oh my gosh, Mom, this is just what I wanted. I can't believe you got it!'"

"This was the last one," says Cambra. It was an iPod video, or so they thought.
"This is what he opened it up to -- no iPod," says Cambra. No iPod, she says, just a mystery meat.

"He went from joy, really happy joyful, then to discover this just angry and hurt," says Cambra. "I'm devastated."

Cambra works at the Keeaumoku Wal-Mart. She put the last iPod on layaway so she could afford the $300 surprise.

"I know what I went through to get this for him. To open up and find this, I don't know what to say," says Cambra. No one knows how the mystery meat got inside the package. Cambra tells us it was wrapped and didn't look like anyone had tampered with the product. She says it'll be hard to make it up to her son.
"I do know my son should get an iPod, but I'm just upset about the whole thing," says Cambra.

The Wal-Mart manager says the iPod will be replaced as soon as possible and that it's the first time he's heard of something like this. Apple couldn't be reached for comment.

Sucks to be this kid. Should of asked for a pink bunny pajamas buddy. My guess, some dude at Wal-Mart 'jacked' the iPod. Article here.


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