Wednesday, December 28, 2005

What is drunk eMailing? Included: an example!

Generation Y's version of drunk dialing is d-railing, a term meaning e-mailing while drunk.

Technology has introduced a new variety of nightcaps in the form of inebriated e-mailing, texting and online shopping that can lead to bewildering hangovers.

"Drunk e-mailing gives me a chance to say what I want without anyone hanging up on me," said Lola, who was interviewed by The Chronicle but did not want her real name used because of sensitivity about her job. She noted that most drunk e-mails have more substance than drunken-dialing conversations, which are often used to try to hook up. Lola started d-railing eight years ago, and though she said she spell-checks her messages, most drunk e-mails can be easily identified by their grammar and punctuation errors or the time they were sent.

"It's opened a whole new mechanism for people to communicate around the world," he said. "The more liquor that is consumed, the more likely people are to lose their inhibitions."

Weird? Lose their inhibitions? No way! Drinking doesn't do that! Anyways, with that article in mind, check out this great example of a drunk email... I mean, 'd-railing'... (note before you start reading the email, this is from a boyfriend to his girlfriend- it was written at 3 AM):

thank you for the email. I think that you are the best person in the world. Thank you very, very, very much for check my voice mail. By the way I have a law suit against you for invasion of privacy. And I think that you are wonderful. And thank you for not finding the pearl necklace because it was on the front porchase. And by the way her name was Sue not Suzzy. I love you and am pround of being your boyfriend. I can not wait until we get marrie and have 12th little j--- l----'s becuase we both know that we wont alot of kids. Dont worry I got your ring in a machine egg. That how much I love you. You have my heart and I love you too. I hope that you come and bring your family to my graduation pary. My mom and dad cant wait to see you. I told them both that you were pergant. And that we were getting married in two months. So I hope you come, or its going to look like you got an aborsion. So you better show up. I love you and cant wait until you come to the party, and if your not going to show please call my mother who loves you, and tell her that your not going to have my baby. Thank you and cant wait until we get married. "Dont worry I can t wait untill I make love to you." thats a quote from, "Boys to Men." I just want to give you that. I cant wait to see you and my parent are so PROUD.

P.S. "You know when I get that sexual feelin I get that sexual feel, And I want to sex you up" and that is MARVIN GAYE.

And I love you and cant wait to tell your parent how I feel.

Because its just the two of us, and we can make it if we try, time just the two of us. And you know what we are on my own. These quotes are sorry beautiful becuase didnt you know this world is a crazy place, becuase I am going to save the best for last. Dont worry I will always be your endless love


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