Thursday, February 02, 2006

Animal carcasses fall all over major highway...

Authorities blocked a portion of traffic at about 4 p.m. Monday a highway in Wisconsin, after a truck dumped animal carcasses and parts on the road.

A Daily Tribune staff member described the smell near the road as a "horrendous odor."

As of Monday evening, investigators had not identified how this happened or who was responsible, said Wisconsin Rapids Police Lt. Dave Wesener.

"We got a partial description of the vehicle, but did not locate it," he said.

Officials believe the truck came from Two Rivers and was on its way to Minnesota, Wesener said. He checked across the state, but heard no reports of similar incidents Monday.

Westbound traffic on the expressway was forced to use the left turn lane to get around the mess, Wesener said. He was pleased that drivers slowed down and were courteous to each other as they merged into one lane during peak traffic time.

The Wisconsin Rapids Street Department brought in a front-end loader to clear the carcasses and parts from the scene. They were able to scrape the pavement clean, Wesener said. "They really did a good job cleaning it up," he said.

Uh? WTF? Gross? Article here.


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