Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Dog Uses Cell Phone To Call 9-1-1

A man said he's alive because his dog called 9-1-1. The well-trained beagle used his owner's cell phone to alert authorities something was wrong.

Almost unbelievably, the little dog is trained to bite down on a cell phone and, holding the nine button, call 9-1-1 and then howl into the phone until rescuers arrive. Tuesday, the training worked perfectly.

Belle the beagle is a dog trained to sniff out seizures. With a sense of smell 500 times greater than her owner, that's how Belle knew Tuesday morning her master was in serious trouble. "I woke up, took her outside. Other than that, I know nothing until the paramedics were there," Kevin Weaver said.

Humans emit a slight odor before a seizure. So, not only did Belle sense Weaver was having a grand mal seizure, which can cause brain damage or death, Belle used her teeth to speed dial 9-1-1. The emergency number is programmed into Weaver’s small cell phone and the cell phone is listed at Weaver's address."She saved my life. She definitely did," Weaver said.

Belle's training cost $9,000 and took nine months at a special kennel in Georgia. It was money and time well worth it Tuesday. Believe it or not, Belle's training is not over yet. She's now being taught to actually test Weaver's blood sugar level by licking his nose and can tell if he needs an insulin shot.

Wow, this is like having a ‘wonder dog!’ Full article here.


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