Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Teen makes 1,000 bogus 911 calls?

A 15-year-old Buffalo girl was charged over the weekend after she admitted making about 1,000 fake 911 calls from her cell phone and six 911 prank calls from a church telephone, police said Monday.

The girl could be a "copycat," mirroring the highly publicized case of Juan Merced, the prime suspect in nearly 1,000 fake 911 calls from his family's West Side home, police said.

The girl, who cannot be named because of her status as a juvenile, was charged with two counts of misdemeanor falsely reporting an incident for allegedly making six 911 hang-up calls from a phone inside an East North Street church.

The girl's alleged false 911 calls occurred for about nine days, from about March 31 until Saturday, according to police. During the calls, the girl rarely reported that a false incident had occurred, authorities said. Instead, she mostly taunted 911 dispatchers - laughing, joking, harassing them and making snide remarks such as, "You can't catch me," police said. Sometimes the prank calls lasted several minutes, police said, and at least once spanned about one hour.

"She had no respect for authority," Rodriguez said. "When she was being processed, she was so unruly - kicking the table and spitting on the floor - that she had to be handcuffed."

I’m really confused on the fun in doing this. Even when your 15 years old, how is this a fun game? Article here.


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