Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Drunk naked dude wrecks, fire hydrant

What first started as out as a car accident ended with the chase of a naked man acting crazy. Police say 21-year-old Joshua Orcutt crashed his car into a fire hydrant on Walsingham Road near Indian Rocks Road in Largo. Orcutt broke a water main flooding the area. The area was closed for several hours until the roadway was cleared up. Police say Orcutt then jumped out of his car, naked, and tried to run through plate glass windows. Witnesses say the whole incident was bizarre.
Jeff Conaway, a witness to the accident, said, “I went up to the car, the gentleman was smashing through the glass with his fist. He was bleeding up his right arm and I went to go help him and he just ripped the door open and ran out naked across the street and tried to hit another car with his fist. He jumped at it. He dove at it. Then he kept running at it across the street.”

Police say they believe Orcutt was under the influence of illegal drugs. He was eventually subdued and flown to Bayfront Medical Center. Article here.


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