Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Fan who got Barry Bond's 715 HR ball

It's not known yet what Barry Bond's home run ball No. 715 is going to sell for but it is known that ticket stubs from yesterday's Barry Bonds record-setting home run game are being sold on eBay for as much as $105 each today.

The man who has the ball says he is going to hold on to it for now. This is a fellow who wasn't even in his seat when the home run was hit.

Reporter Henry Mulak at the ballpark notes that Barry Bonds may not have gotten a better guy to catch the ball that allowed him to move ahead of Babe Ruth on the home run tally.
"I am a Giants fan. I am a San Francisco fan and a Barry Bonds fan," said Andrew Morbitzer, 38, who just moved back to San Francisco from Colorado with his new wife. "We came today to see the Rockies and the Giants, the first one this year."

During the game he left his seat to go get some more beer. "We couldn't see who was coming up to bat and we both finished our beers and just decided it was a good time to get a beer. We didn't know he was coming up."

The computer software marketing manager caught the ball with one hand while in line in the concession stand after people in the bleachers above him bobbled the ball.

What is he going to do with it? "Hold it tightly in my hands for a little while," he said. Article here. Or read more here.


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