Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Man left in hospital room with dead body

A local man said his father's stay in a Brevard County hospital was "mental torture." The 95-year-old man was left in a room with a dead body for nearly six hours.

The man's son called Eyewitness News and, Tuesday, Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne admitted it made a mistake.

The family of the patient said the 95-year-old, critically-ill man was left in a shared room with a dead roommate for hours. Hospital staffers knew the man had died and they said Tuesday it never should have happened.

"You can't get around the fact that two feet away is this man who just died from his illness and there you are, laying in bed critically ill," said Don Hallowes, the patient's wife.

Walton Hallowes' wife was in the room for the ordeal. A thin curtain separated the 95-year-old from his deceased roommate.

"The death of another so close, reminding you of your own mortality, reminding of what could be there waiting for you, to me it was mental torture," Don said.

The family said hospital staff did nothing to remedy the situation during the five and a half hour wait. Read the full article here.


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