Monday, October 16, 2006

Girl takes off bra, causes car to flip & crash

One girls' bra led to one big car crash. The driver of a car containing four teenage girls, Tabitha Adams, 17, of Bowling Green, told the Ohio Highway Patrol that one of her passengers took the bra off underneath a shirt because the family dog had chewed it earlier that day, causing it to fray.

Emily Davis, 17, of Bowling Green admitted that it was her bra that broke and later flew from the car’s antenna. Two Toledo men in a trailing 2006 Dodge Neon were injured when driver James Campbell told troopers he swerved to avoid the flying bra and his car flipped several times in the grass median.

Mr. Campbell, 37, was ejected from the vehicle and transported by medical helicopter to Toledo Hospital, where he was treated for a broken vertebra in his neck and a fractured thumb. Mr. Long, 40, was taken by ambulance to St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center in Toledo for broken ribs and possible liver damage. Both men were later released.
After what witnesses described as verbal interaction between the girls in Tabitha’s Mercury Sable and the guys in Mr. Campbell’s car, Emily hung her bra over the antenna, from which it shortly flew off, the report states.

Tim Atkins, a juvenile prosecutor in Wood County, said yesterday that a misdemeanor littering charge will be filed against Emily next week. Article here.


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