Monday, April 23, 2007

Cop makes two couples 'perform sex acts' in front of him

A Detroit police sergeant has been suspended while the department investigates allegations that he forced two couples to perform sex acts while he masturbated outside their vehicle in a city park last weekend.

The sergeant checked their identification, noted that some of them had criminal convictions, and threatened to take them to jail.

The SUV occupants, all in their early 20s, said they pleaded with the officer to not arrest them. "The officer said, ‘You need to make this worth my while,’ ” which the four later told police they understood to mean “the officer wanted to see a sex act.”

The two women said they hesitatingly complied, and performed oral sex on their male companions for about 15 minutes, police reported. “I was crying the whole time,” a 25-year-old woman on probation for passing bad checks told the Free Press. “We felt like we had no choice. At one point he asked my friend, ‘Is your girl all right?’ ”

The 25-year-old said she asked to step out of the vehicle to urinate. The officer allegedly shined a flashlight on her as she did so and she said she noticed he was masturbating. Full article here.

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