Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Doctor makes mistake, woman 'poops' out her vagina

Sara Wallace regularly complained of pain in her uterus region after she gave birth. Then she awoke one morning to find feces in her vagina. She and her husband David sued the on-call doctor who delivered their baby.

According to the plaintiffs' second amended petition, she had gone into early labor and her treating physician, Dr. Stephanie Cunningham, was out of town at the time. The on-call doctor, Dr. Donald Long, stepped in and delivered the baby using forceps, a vacuum-assisted device, and a third-degree episiotomy.

An episiotomy is when the physician cuts the tissue between the anus and the vagina, creating a large enough opening to birth the infant. The plaintiff's lawyer, Mike McGown, said in his opening remarks that after the procedure, Long stitched the wound but neglected to check for a rectovaginal fistula, a hole between the anus and vagina that is often the result of an episiotomy. He also neglected to inform the Wallaces that such a wound could form after procedure.

Sara had an appointment with Cunningham and informed her she was passing stool through her vagina. A rectal exam revealed a two centimeter defect into the rectovaginal.

Seven months later, the rectovaginal fistula was surgically repaired. McGown says the surgery cost the Wallaces $14,000 and that Sara is still experiencing pain. "She had to endure painful enemas for four months following the surgery." Full article here.



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