Thursday, April 12, 2007

Driving go-carts while drinking beer and leading police on a chase while driving drunk.

Authorities in western Colorado are looking for a man they say led them on a chase and then caused an accident -- while he was driving a go cart through town.

Police say the man and a young boy were driving the go cart on the streetswhen officers tried to stop him because he was holding a beer. They say the man then tried to escape by driving around buildings and in and out of alleys.

The man reportedly caused an accident when he pulled onto one street, and made a car swerve and hit something. It wasn't clear what the car hit but it wasn't another vehicle. There were no injuries.

The man then left the boy in the go-cart and took off running. Police think they know who the man is and they're waiting to see if he turns himself in. Officers say they found tools in the go-cart they believe were used in burglaries.
The suspect faces several charges, including reckless endangerment, vehicular eluding, child abuse and possession of burglary tools. Article here.

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