Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dudes start a fire in Wal-Mart, then try to some steal beer

New surveillance video was released, Monday, showing a fire set inside an Orange County Wal-Mart. Investigators said the firestarters wanted to steal beer from the store very early Friday morning and tried to use the flames as a diversion.

When the fire alarm went off, two managers guarded the front door and the thieves walked out empty handed. The Fire Marshal's Office is hoping the public recognizes them.

When the store was packed, while the first suspect filled his cart up with beer at the Wal-Mart, his friend was on the lookout, casing the store. When the cart was loaded down with snacks and beer, suspect number one lifted his shirt and poured a bottle of STP octane booster on the popcorn isle. It's hard to see the flames, but fix shows him set the boxes on fire with a lighter.

The fire was supposed to be a diversion, so the crooks could score free beer and snacks, but Wal-Mart employees were guarding the exits as soon as the alarm went off. After lighting snacks on fire, putting lives at risk and causing $20,000 worth of damage, the guys walked out empty-handed. Full article here.

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