Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lost hikers survive 7 weeks on frogs, beetles, and spiders

A French hiker who got lost in the jungle of French Guiana for seven weeks is now back home. Le Parisien newspaper reports the hiker (Loic Pillois) was greeted yesterday by his parents and brother at an airport in southwestern France.

The hiker and his friend became lost while hiking to a tiny village in French Guiana. Media reports say they survived on frogs, beetles and tarantulas for seven weeks as they waited to be rescued.

The hiker eventually made it to the village on Thursday, leaving his friend behind because he was too weak to continue. Helicopters were sent to pick up his friend, who suffered major weight loss and is being treated in a hospital in French Guiana. The hiker says he's "tired but happy." He calls returning home a "huge relief." Article here.



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