Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Dude attacked by 7 lesbians, 'straight man hate crime'

A man who was beaten and stabbed after a street fight with seven avowed lesbians testified Wednesday that he thought he was going to die after they jumped him last year.

"I remember being surrounded, my hands up in my face," Dwayne Buckle testified at the trial of four of the women. "I went up into a defensive position. I felt a nick in my abdomen. I had my two hands in front of my face." He said he didn't realize he had been stabbed. Somebody told me I was stabbed," he said. "As soon as he said that, I felt it. I lay down on my knapsack. I was hollering and screaming. I felt like I was going to die."

Buckle, a movie audio-video engineer and an independent filmmaker, said the fight started outside the Independent Film Center in lower Manhattan, where he was trying to sell videos he had made. He said that as the women walked by, he spoke to one of them because he found her attractive. Buckle said a heavyset woman in the group said something rude.

"She just started dogging me out, being loud and disrespectful," he said. "I think I called her an elephant and told her I wasn't talking to her."

Buckle, 29, said he was in a hospital for five days and in bed at his Queens home for a month after undergoing surgery for a lacerated liver and stomach. He said he also suffered cuts, bruises, scratches and an eye injury in the attack. (CBS/AP)



At 5/02/2007 12:47 PM, Anonymous art said...

He couldn't beat up a bunch of dyke whimps? I despair over the future of manhood in America.


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