Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dude stays awake for 11 days straight!

After more than 11 days without nodding off, Tony Wright crawled into bed yesterday in the happy belief that he had broken the world sleeplessness record by two hours.

His 266-hour feat of endurance will not feature in Guinness World Records because it has stopped acknowledging such attempts for health reasons.
And to make matters worse, someone has already beaten Mr Wright himself by a full ten hours. The 43-year-old gardener finally closed his eyes yesterday for the first time since May 14. Monitored by a webcam and CCTV cameras at his local bar in Penzance, Cornwall, he sustained himself with a "Stone Age" diet of raw fruit and vegetables. He drank tea and, to pass the time, played pool.

Mr Wright believed he was battling to beat a record of 264 hours set by American Randy Gardner in 1964, as part of a high school science project into sleep patterns. » Continue reading the full article here



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