Friday, May 04, 2007

Dudes survive 50-foot-drop in car running from police

Four men were in a car that dropped 50 feet off an Orlando overpass. Somehow, they all survived the fall.

"I thought my life was dead. That was it, ya know," said Stephen Lather. Lather got the ride of his life, early Thursday morning. He and his friends crawled out of a mangled Mustang after it fell some 50 feet off.

"We just came up to an exit, didn't slow down, just went straight through it, like into the woods. That's all I remember," he said. Lather said he and three friends had just left the Roxy nightclub in Orlando. They were headed home on when a deputy tried to pull them over. He said that's when his friend, Matthew Bosch punched the gas.

"It just seemed like he had rage in his face or something. I couldn't tell. I was scared," Lather said. Officers said the car was going way over 100MPH, mowed over bushes, hit an electrical box, went over the railing and plunged 50 feet down.

Channel 9 learned that the 22-year-old's license was suspended in 2005, because he failed to pay a traffic fine in New York State. Full article here.



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