Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Woman named 'Butts' caught stealing toliet paper

A woman was discovered taking toilet paper from the courthouse, according to police reports, something she has apparently been adept at doing for a quite a while.

No one could remember exactly when, but toilet paper started disappearing at “unusually high rates,” even for county employees, said a source close to the problem. It had long ago been suspected that the problem was more than just overactive bowels, but no one could quite prove it.

“A courthouse employee saw her walk from a storeroom carrying a bag of toilet paper,” said Marshalltown Police Chief Lon Walker. The woman allegedly involved in the situation, Suzanne Marie Butts, has been referred to as the toilet paper bandit by some county employees.

Because of prior convictions, Butts faces up to two years in prison — for three rolls of toilet paper.
Butts has prior theft convictions, as well as several other theft charges which are pending. » Article here



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