Monday, July 30, 2007

33 high school cheerleaders get into a fight in a dorm hallway at the end of a four-day cheerleading camp.

Thirty-three high school cheerleaders from Dallas and Midland were involved in a scuffle at a camp in San Marcos this week. Texas State University police were investigating a scuffle that occurred Monday as the four-day Universal Cheerleaders Association camp was winding down.

Squads from two high schools were preparing to check out when the Skyline girls staying on the fifth floor began knocking on the doors of the Midland cheerleaders on the fourth floor, he said. Some of the Midland cheerleaders came into the hall. Shouting, pushing and shoving ensued before someone called police, Mr. Hendricks said.

Eleven Midland girls and 22 Skyline girls were involved. No injuries were reported, he said.
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