Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dude gets mad at his girlfriend, hits her with a 3-iron golf club

After a night of drinking, a man who "hates everything" hit his girlfriend in the head with a 3-iron three times this weekend, and now is jailed on a domestic battery charge.

According to the arrest report, Phillip Spears, 55, got angry while his girlfriend, Rachel Smyth, was making him spaghetti at the stove.

"Why did you hit me?" she asked. "I hate everyrthing," he replied. When Smyth tried to leave the kitchen, Spears hit her in the head again.

He hit her a third time after he ordered her to sit at his feet in the living room while he smoked a cigarette. Smyth obeyed, because she was frightened, the report said. Bleeding, Smyth walked to a fire station for medical help and was transported to the hospital. There she told deputies what had happened. » Article here



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