Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Women are more attracted to men with muscles.

Muscular young men are likely to have more sex partners than their less-chiseled peers, researchers at the University of California Los Angeles said on Monday.

Their study, published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, suggests muscles in men are akin to elaborate tail feathers in male peacocks: They attract females looking for a virile mate. "Women are predisposed to prefer muscularity in men," said study author David Frederick of UCLA.

"Most research is focused on what men find physically attractive in women and the career traits women find attractive in men," Frederick said by telephone. "Much less research is devoted to what women find attractive."

Women were more physically attracted to brawny men, especially for a fling. But when it comes to finding a long-term partner, they tend to pick a regular man over a mate with huge biceps.

He and colleagues interviewed 99 male undergraduates about their sexual histories. Muscular men were twice as likely to have had more than three sex partners than less-built types. » Article here



At 7/12/2007 10:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bogus conclusions. First, more muscular men are probably more likely to be high in testosterone, which makes them move aggressive. This means that they are more likely to ask for sex. Did the researchers even consider this? And second, they relied on men reporting their own sexual conquests. Which is to say, they surveyed how many partners these muscleheads want you to think they had, not how many they actually had.

At 7/12/2007 1:06 PM, Blogger secretz said...

I think that your reasoning isn't all together correct. It's proven that testosterone is often high in those who exercise. Though it may be true that guys who are more muscular have higher levels, it isn't all together true that less muscular couldn't have a level of testosterone if they work out.

For example, my bf isn't exactly consumed with muscle (slender but of a medium build), but works out and has an enormous sex drive.

Though, I will agree with you in the fact that the scientists should've controlled the variables of their experiement.


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