Monday, August 13, 2007

Beautiful people earn 12% more money than ugly people

For the beautiful people are not just pleasing on the eye: it seems they are also wealthier, more successful and much easier to get on with.

Researchers investigating whether there is a beauty premium to be had in the workplace have found that those they deemed the most attractive make 12 per cent more money than those regarded as less goodlooking. Average Joes and Joans have little to smile about either, with the moderately attractive taking home seven per cent less in earnings than the prettiest people.

The main reason for the apparent victory of the lookers is that they are seen as more helpful and co-operative.

"Attractive people make more money than middle attractive people, who in turn make more money than unattractive people," declared the researchers.

In fact, they found that that attractive people are, on average, less selfish than moderately attractive people. The team said one theory why people are more co-operative with attractive people is that they believe them to be more helpful.

They say attractive people are consistently judged and treated more positively, and the results show that 39 per cent of attractive men and women were judged to be helpful, compared to 16 per cent of middle attractive people, and only six per cent of unattractive people. » Article here



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