Monday, August 20, 2007

Buying new jeans, check out your ass with the 'butt cam'.

Worried that new pair of high-fashion jeans may just make your butt look fat? Now shoppers in one upscale Scottsdale store can check it out for themselves before someone else makes the observation — using the Butt Cam, a camera positioned just so that's connected to a video screen on a dressing room wall.

The cameras at Hub Clothing illustrate what many already know — the most important test of a great pair of jeans is how they look from behind. "It gives you a perspective that you can't find any other way."

Hub co-owner Tom Simon, a 30-year veteran of the retail industry, came up with the Butt Cam after watching customers twist and turn in front of mirrors to check out their derrieres. The setup also allows Hub employees to display views of their more confident shoppers on flat-screen TVs behind the cash registers for all to see. » Article here



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