Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hot Indianapolis couple arrested for having midday sex in a car parked in front of a day care center.

Shawn Ayers and Nicholas Declouette decided to have sex in their '88 Oldsmobile. Parked in front of an Indianapolis day care center.

Ayers, 31, and Declouette, 43, were arrested on public indecency charges when the day care center's operator called cops after spotting the couple getting busy in public. As noted by Officer Eli McAllister responded to the scene, "I stood there for approximately two minutes, and they were so engrossed in their recreational activity that they did not notice me."

Declouette explained that he had first met Ayers earlier that day and they had been "driving around town, until they found a nice shaded spot to have sex." He added that he was unaware that the chosen location was in front of Cookies Child Care. Declouette's car was impounded and delivered to the Last Chance Towing Lot. » Article here



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