Monday, August 27, 2007

If you buy this DVD it comes with a barf bag.

One way to appeal to one segment of the youthful male market so beloved by film producers -- package your DVD with its own "barf bag."

Genius Products home entertainment is including a paper bag with each copy of its new "Dirty Sanchez" DVD of outlandish pranks and stunts performed by a troupe of four British men who go by the same name.

The bags underscore the message that the DVD is so sickening that even its makers fear viewers may vomit. "(The 'barf bag') was a fun way for us to communicate directly with fans, and tell them what the DVD is all about," said Scott Heffron, Genius' vice president of marketing. The DVD follows the Brits as they travel the globe performing stunts. In one scene, they convince a man he can set a world record by getting shot with over 100 paint balls, and later admit no such record exists. » Article here



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