Sunday, August 05, 2007

Mom charged after 2-year-old eats LSD-laced candy

A woman has been charged with physical abuse of a child after her 2-year-old daughter ate two LSD-laced candies the woman allegedly purchased and brought back to their apartment.

The mother, Donielle M. Maki, 23, went to a house and bought 10 drug-laced candies that looked like SweeTarts for $7 each from a man at the house.

Maki told investigators she bought the LSD for her cousin. After buying the drugs, Maki went home, put her 2-year-old daughter to bed and then "passed out" on the couch in the apartment. When she woke up Wednesday at about 9 a.m., her daughter was sitting on the floor near her Care Bears couch and said, "I like these, Mommy" and had one of the drug-laced candies in her hand.

Maki saw only eight pieces of candy left and knew her daughter had eaten two of them. » Full article here



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