Monday, September 03, 2007

Drunk dude runs over his girlfriend b/c she wouldn't let him drive.

A man has been arrested for running over his girlfriend when they argued he was took drunk to drive. County Police say 22-year-old Yudith Garces of Bay Shore was driving a Toyota Corolla with her boyfriend 21-year-old Paulito Lorenzo of Brentwood in the passenger seat. Police say they argued because she wouldn't let him drive.

Police say Garces parked the car and began to walk away. Lorenzo got into the drivers seat and began chasing Garces. Police say witnesses told them, Lorenzo hit Garces as she ran. After striking Garces, Lorenzo drove the car into a fence. He tried to run but was caught by police. Garces was taken to Southside Hospital with a broken right leg and abrasions to her arms. Lorenzo is charged with assault and DWI. » Article here



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