Monday, October 01, 2007

Dude proposes to girlfriend on demolition derby car

Kevin Weaver's engagement to Karen Slusser got off to a smashing start — he painted his proposal on a car and drove it in a demolition derby.

"Every woman I know says she wants to announce it to the world when she gets engaged. I figured I'd announce it for her and make it well noted," said Weaver, 34, of Danville.

Slusser, 47, of Mifflinville, knew Weaver was entering the derby. She saw him paint the car white and light blue, then top it with a stuffed bunny to advertise her rabbit-breeding business.

But this past week, Weaver moved the car to a friend's garage, saying he needed to keep it out of the rain. While it was hidden inside, he painted "Karen Slusser will u marry me?" from the hood along the driver's side and up the trunk. He also attached a large stuffed ring — with fabric diamond — to the bunny's paws.

When the car appeared in the derby arena Saturday, Slusser read the message and her family cheered. Weaver finished third, then met Slusser at the gate to the drivers' pit and asked for her answer.

"Yes!" she said with a laugh. And with that, Weaver handed her a real diamond ring. » Article here



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