Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dude tries to hang his wife in a haunted house (sort of)

A man is accused of luring his wife into their garage to see a haunted house and then hanging her. Police arrested 38-year-old Sean Allen Jennings late Tuesday night after the woman, who escaped death, reported the incident.

The hanging happened Sunday night when Jennings asked his wife to come into the garage to see a surprise haunted house he had built for their two children. According to a press release on the incident, Jennings convinced his wife to put on a blindfold and then directed her up some steps on a ladder, handcuffed her and put a rope around her neck.

The couple were living together while going through a divorce. The woman told police that she became scared and asked Jennings to release her, but instead he pushed her so she fell. She balanced on a toe for a while to keep from hanging. The victim said that as she begged for help her husband told her that hanging her was better than getting a divorce.

Tired, she slipped and began hanging from the rope, but her husband pulled her up just as she lost consciousness. According to the police press release, Jennings then told his wife to put aloe vera on the rope burn around her neck and cover it with a neck brace to hide it. » Article here



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