Monday, October 01, 2007

Is it now acceptable to say 'f*ck' in the office?

Workplace profanity is everywhere, starting with our elected leaders, like Eliot (“I’m a fucking steamroller!”) Spitzer and Dick (“Go fuck yourself!”) Cheney, and continuing to our unelected moral arbiters, like Golden Globe–winning Bono (“fucking brilliant”). In Fresno, California, former deputy mayor Roger Montero resigned in April after admitting that he used “coarse language” on the job but denying that his language constituted sexual harassment. And a Virginia dentist, Steven Afsahi, was fined $9,000 in 2004 by that state’s Board of Dentistry in part for using profanity in front of patients.

Timothy Jay, professor of psychology at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts and author of Why We Curse and Cursing in America, suggests that asking us to stifle swearing is not only unreasonable but also a violation of our basic rights. » Read the full article here



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