Thursday, October 18, 2007

Woman tries to spike ex-hubby's coffee with cocaine

An woman was arrested on charges of allegedly soliciting her ex-husband’s girlfriend to try to kill the man by spiking his drink with a drug, according to state police. The guy has a heart condition and she hoped the organ would explode.

Patricia A. Reiman, 42, was bitter over the divorce initiated by her husband, David, and allegedly solicited Anna Anae to spike the ex-husband’s coffee with cocaine, Trooper Brad Eisenhower said.

“This whole case is very unusual, especially since she (Patricia) would contact the victim’s girlfriend,” Eisenhower admitted after the accused was taken into custody at her home. Patricia Reiman allegedly bought cocaine for “the sole purpose of giving it to Anae so she would put it in his coffee at breakfast this (Tuesday) morning,” Eisenhower said. » Full article here



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