Sunday, November 18, 2007

Masked man with stapler robs ice cream shop of $175

In the most recent local example of what can only be described as criminal stupidity, police say that an Ashland man on Tuesday held up an ice cream parlor with a decidedly nonlethal weapon: A chrome-plated stapler.

Gerald A. Rocchi, 32, allegedly walked into The Ice Cream Shop, about 6:40 p.m., his face covered with a ski mask, brandished the stapler and demanded money, Ashland Police Department Capt. Don Petrella said.

It’s not known whether the robber had plans to fire projectiles with the stapler, or to use it as a blunt instrument if his demand wasn’t met.

Because of its chrome finish, the stapler could have conceivably been mistaken it for a handgun “if someone didn’t get a good look at it,” Petrella said. Store employees complied with the robber, forking over about $175 from the register, according to Petrella. » Article here



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