Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dude slashes car dealer for denying his g-friend a loan

Deputies are looking for the man who attacked two car salesmen after they denied his girlfriend a loan.

The attack happened at the Carbug on Alafaya Trail where the company claims they can get a loan for just about anyone. Deputies said they know who the suspect is and they are working with his girlfriend to find him.

Investigators said the suspect showed up at the Carbug with a box cutter and started slashing employees. "Basically, we get it done. We get it done," said Saman Ghiasi of the Carbug car dealership.

Ghiasi said the dealership just couldn't get a loan for the woman with bad credit. That's when workers said the woman's boyfriend showed up at the dealership on Monday demanding an explanation from the assistant manager.

"He just started cursing and yelling and arguing and when we were trying to help him out, he just basically took his razor and just swung at him," Ghiasi said of the attack. The assistant manager said the man put a six inch cut in his face. The suspect also slashed his manager's chin when he tried to help.

"If he had cut my neck, I could have died," said Levent Turker, the assistant manager who was slashed in the face. » Article here



At 3/24/2008 8:42 AM, Anonymous Lacy said...

Wow...What an idiot...


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