Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Principal spends night sleeping on roof.

Charles Sheppard, principal of Townsend Elementary School, is afraid of heights. So why did he pledge to spend a night on the school roof if his students met a February reading quota?

Around suppertime March 19, provisioned with food, water and a laptop, he’ll ascend to his rooftop perch and sleep under the stars. “It’ll be neat for the kids when they arrive in the morning to see me up there,” Sheppard said. “Actually, if it’s raining that’ll make it even more entertaining.”

Fifth-grader Tony Immediato said he’s hoping for snow that night. Sheppard, 38, plans to pass the time by writing a blog about his rooftop stay.

Assistant principal Lucia Weathers said the rooftop stunt is typical of Sheppard. "He is what you’d call big on school spirit,” she said. The principal occasionally walks the halls wearing the costume of the school’s Thunderbird mascot. Just to be on the safe side, Wilson said she plans to borrow a neighbor’s trampoline to break any possible fall. » Article here



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