Thursday, April 24, 2008

Trying to have a boy? Eat more.

Women who eat more calories around the time of conception are more likely to have sons, according to a study. Researchers said it is the first evidence that a child's sex is linked to the mother's diet.

Teams at the University of Exeter and Oxford studied 740 women who were pregnant for the first time. They gave records of their eating habits and were then put in three groups based on calories consumed per day.

In the group that consumed the most energy, 56 percent had sons. In the group that consume the least, 45 percent had sons. Women who ate the most also were more likely to have higher levels of potassium, calcium and vitamins C, E and B12. » Article here



At 4/27/2008 7:51 PM, Anonymous michael said...

useless info: If you want a boy, bang the chick closest to her ovulation. if you want a girl, bang the chick a day or 2 earlier. female sperms survive longer than male sperms.


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